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GFL Newsletter - August and September 2021

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Hello and welcome to the combined August and September newsletter. A very short foreword this time, uwu.



For this month we have hidden a single Easter egg within the newsletter. Be the first to find it and either message @AIexis (Alexis#9876) or @Salad (Salad#6564) to claim your prize! This section will be updated once there is a winner. Good luck uwu!

UPDATE: @sawyer508 has found the Easter egg and has won 1 month of VIP.





Back in August, we had to close down our Rust Division as a result of many unfortunate circumstances. As a Division, it not only had a successful run, but it had all sorts of people visit and create a strong community. Although it has closed down, just keep in mind that a revival of our Rust Division can be considered in the future. It just depends on how everything would work out upon launch and afterwards. If you’d like to see it return, then don’t lose hope!






Not all of the happenings in August were unfortunate, however! We were able to expand into the EU region once more with two new CS:GO servers--KZ Climb and Surf Timer! Both of these support only the easy levels for now, but more difficult servers will hopefully be added in the future. All GFL clan members are free to try them out!


Surf Timer IP:

KZ Climb IP:


If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can also join the CS:GO KZ discord server here!




You may have recently noticed the Events Team has had a rejuvenation in activity. This is a result of the Team being revamped! As a result of @BlazingArson sadly choosing to resign, @Salad and @AIexis are currently both the Event Team Leaders for a temporary period of time so that the Revamp as well as a later transfer can be successful. As a result of the Revamp, we’ve recruited a nice amount of people to join the team! You can read the information about that right here. If you’d like to join the team, then please read up on this guide!








Teams and Staff:


@DaPainWayne - CWRP Discord Moderator

@Dragoon - Senior Moderator

@NOT Karkles - GFX Team Member


@Frostydogs - Event Coodinator

@M3M3drag0n - Event Coordinator
@Random Noise - Event Coordinator

@K1P_ - Event Coordinator, Anarchy EU Operator

@Copium Queen - Event Coordinator, Anarchy EU Operator, GMod TTT Anarchy Admin
@Plaid Daddy - Event Coordinator

@EZLO - Event Coordinator


@Duck. - Development Team Member, Event Coordinator, GMod TTT Rotation Admin

@Business Kirby - Development Team Member, Event Coordinator




@Crack Jacks - TF2 2Fort Trial Admin

@Scott - TF2 2Fort Trial Admin

@StereoRaedioVA - TF2 2Fort Admin

@Lachaine - TF2 2Fort Senior Admin


@The queen of flies - TF2 2Fort 2 Admin

@stantheman123 - TF2 2Fort 2 Admin


@Pulsedog - TF2 Hightower 2 Trial Admin

@KamiDIO - TF2 Hightower 2 Trial Admin




@Agent L the Octoling - Anarchy EU Operator

@Solkythe Hearthfire - Anarchy EU Operator

@necromantic - fay - Anarchy EU Operator

@Phee - Anarchy EU Operator

@zurenea - Anarchy EU Operator

@LawMyl - Anarchy EU Operator
@Sophie~ ♡ - GMod TTT Anarchy EU Manager


@DodoMans - GMod TTT Anarchy Operator

@necromantic - fay - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin

@lord of burgers - GMod TTT Anarchy Admin

@Alexis - GMod TTT Anarchy Senior Admin, GMod TTT MC Trial Admin, Event Coordinator

@Avi - GMod TTT Rotation Admin
@Meow Chan - GMod TTT Rotation Admin


@Damaster00777 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@SIDLOX6 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@Zea - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@Dex - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@Papabear - GMod CWRP Gamemaster
@Abominationn - GMod CWRP Gamemaster
@Murfy - GMod CWRP Gamemaster
@Nap_Sticks - GMod CWRP Gamemaster
@theguy - GMod CWRP Gamemaster
@Monkey123 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@GAZZAGAMER4 - GMod CWRP Gamemaster

@Justthelocalwitcher - GMod CWRP Admin

@B10001100110101 - GMod CWRP Admin
@_PANDA_ - GMod CWRP Admin
@moonbear. - GMod CWRP Admin
@Sky87 - GMod CWRP Admin

@TorrN_ - GMod CWRP Admin
@Dijakovic - GMod CWRP Admin
@Saiyan - GMod CWRP Admin


@Sir Otter - GMod Prop Hunt Admin


@Jamie-Jay - GMod HNS Trial Admin

@Mentos - GMod HNS Trial Admin

@mbs - GMod HNS Admin

This is not the easter egg

@Plum - GMod TTT MC Trial Admin

@loucop - GMod TTT MC Admin
@NOT Karkles - GMod TTT MC Senior Admin

@flying4ssassin - GMod TTT MC Manager, Event Coordinator, GMod Discord Moderator
@Lonely - GMod TTT MC Manager, GMod TTT Anarchy Operator, Event Coordinator




@ItzTropicalx - CS:GO Surf Timer Admin

@atomiQq - CS:GO KZ Climb Trial Admin


@mikeyfanaccount - CS:GO AWP 24/7 Manager




@Sirhephaestus - CS:S BHop Server Manager

@SSJR_Black_Goku - CS:S Surf RPG DM Admin




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Thanks to @BlazingArson for the signature ❤️
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