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RileyB's GMOD CWRP Bug Report

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Hi there,


I have been finding that when ever I try to join the GFL CWRP server I keep crashing and getting a “timed out” message after it saws “lua started”. Is this just me? What can I do to fix this?




Yours sincerely,

Riley Brown.

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This has been a common issue with many players, which we have termed to be "Logitis". Sadly, I don't believe anyone has ever found a fix for it, nor a true reason behind it. Most likely, it's a matter of connection issues, maybe your signal just isn't strong enough? But other than that, there's been no definitive cure for Logitis.


@racecar123go, you recovered from Logitis, maybe you have some words of wisdom? 


(Signature credit to @Clavers)


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First: sorry for the late reply I don’t check here ever




Third: What I had to do is go into options and not allow any custom content from servers. I then got Kwehs to send me any custom addons or content that I couldn’t see or was errors to me. There is one pack that still crashes me but I just don’t download that. If you’d like to try that I can dm the download content on discord


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