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Stranger Things [SPOILERS]

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We just binge watch Stranger Things.  The first time I saw the show I could barely get through it I don't know why, but I just wasn't getting into it.  Season 4 came out and I figured why not give it another try.  I don't know what changed, but I thought the show was really interesting and everything came together well.


I think since we're talking about shows spoilers are bound to leak for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.  Read through at your own risk and discretion.  I'll still try and recommend to put things into spoiler tags for best effort, but wont make promises 🙂



I think it was easy to guess that guy was 1, and I guessed very quickly he would be Vecna.  I did not guess that he was the little boy (Creed), that took me by surprise.  If the father was wrong about the boy being dead, then maybe he's wrong about the girl?  I think I've seen some people speculate that Nancy and Mike Wheeler's mom is possibly the girl, and she's alive!  I think so.  They've been giving her like a growing story line each season.


I saw a story from the actor who played Papa.  He thinks that his character might have powers.  How did he survive 1 the first time, then the demogorgin at the end of season 1 surely killed him??  He thinks maybe he has the superpower to heal or live forever and so he might return.  I think that's possible and would make sense, and I think that would be really cool!



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