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Mad Bomber

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Mad bomber was fun to play and I'm sad to see it go because I believe there were ways it could have been re-worked instead of simply iced. 

That being said I think a really interesting idea is for mad bomber to have hp taken off his maximum hp every time he dies (possibly being capped at a certain level like 50 hp) in exchange for his gun dmg reduction lifted if not at least reduced so he can hurt people with guns, I think the maximum hp thing would reduce the spammy shit which was the very reason he got taken away, and the dmg reduction fixes problems like the haunted/bomber interaction (lets be honest guys the crowbar just doesnt cut it). 


I'm not at all saying this is the way it has to be I'm just suggesting a possible solution to this grevious error with his absence since without mad bomber to fill the void I feel empty hollow and cold inside.


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