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TTT Vanilla: Immediate Observations & Suggestions

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Please keep in mind these are fairly superficial thoughts, as I clearly haven't played on the server for very long. No in-depth dives into the nitty gritty to be seen here, just immediate observations. Which matters! Make a good impression.


Hi, I recently joined TTT Vanilla and just noted down some things that I think could be improved, below are my observations and suggestions. This topic is just basically just me talking about what already exists (or should, but doesn't?).


These are not from the POV of a staff member, just a player (...even though technically I am a staff member). There's nothing about staff-only logging systems for example. I'll try to run through it in the order that a user would from before joining, to joining, to being presented with the MoTD, and onward.


Before joining:

  • What does FPS in the hostname mean? First Person Shooter? Frames Per Second? I'm... very unsure. It feels as if something better could be put there e.g. relaxed rules, no lag, simple maps (who knows).


When joining:

  • The splashscreen is quite pretty... but not useful for the user at all. There's no information about what map is currently being played, the gamemode, any rules, any reminders to read the MoTD and/or join Discord. I would recommend making a graphics request https://gflclan.com/topic/58154-how-to-create-an-art-request/ to get something a little more appropriate, or using a different splashscreen entirely - the other TTTs seem to all use the same one that is quite lightweight with tips that might fit the bill, look into it?
  • Joining is super quick, as expected with a ...mostly vanilla server.


Once joined:

  • No MoTD popup? Just Discord integration? Don't get me wrong, love the Discord integration but... all you are presented with is the Discord integration upon joining. MoTD is pretty essential for TTT.



  • !MoTD command is broken?
  • !Discord is not the gfl.gs link.
  • Chatbox is fine, but has no x to close it with your mouse. Also, the "Print Emoticons" and "MoTD" buttons do not work.
  • Jumping/moving feels like the air is fighting me. It might just be ping related (as I'm EU - though I did not have this issue on TTT Rotation/Anarchy), but it feels like the air is thick, like jelly. It keeps bouncing me back slightly, quite jittery. Not sure if that's Yogpods anti-cheat?
  • Pointshop is nice, but there's a few fucky textures - perhaps a problem on my end? I don't think so as I have all the "required" textures installed. Some items also have no image, again, maybe a me problem? Regardless, might need some looking in to? Avoiding jank is the goal!
  • SpecDM is cool.
  • Chat has no broadcasts/announcements whatsoever? Consider adding some, but... in a sparring manner. Perhaps just one for member/donate and one for joining Discord?
  • !Donate command does not add the steamid to the end of the donate URL e.g. https://gflclan.com/donate?steamid=STEAM_0:0:48824128 it only has https://gflclan.com/donate.



  • Announcements are very sparse; I understand that the current manager Yogpod is just about finished and there is currently no other manager so this is understandable.
  • No pins in announcements, but... understandable really. Could pin the MoTD or post it in #status imo.
  • Pins in #general are very shitposty, which is fine I guess. But nothing related to TTT Vanilla (the server) in there. Maybe pin a join link/the MoTD/who knows.



  • Staff list is not up to date (https://gflclan.com/topic/60628-ttt-vanilla-staff-list/).
  • Everything else is fine, pins and features are alright. I'll be making a seperate topic about issues I have with the MoTD soon. I'll add the link HERE once it is made.
  • Forum descriptions and icons require an update, I can do that, however... in future... please reach out if you (TTT Vanilla people, not just staff) need anything Forum related like that! I feel it's fairly obvious that it is wrong. Reach out, make a topic, ping staff, etc. if there's issues - even if they're small!


Not a whole lot to say since the server doesn't have a whole lot by design, as it's vanilla; despite being vanilla it feels good though! The minimal pointshop adds some nice flair and the map pool is neat. Hopefully there's a few things here that can be taken into account by staff to fix up the server a bit.

Contact me here or on Discord @Liloz01#9857

For help with anything Forum related: 

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