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USP (Universal Self-Loading Pistol, yeah i know it should be USLP)


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  1. 1. If haxray decides to yeet the weapons that are now on the server (MP7 USP G3) Should we keep the USP? And if so should it be changed?

    • No fuck off.
    • Yes, it should stay as is.
    • Yes, but make it shoot 2 pellets instead of 1, and make it less accurate at a distance (possibly meddling with dmg/firerate a bit)
    • Yes but you have a different idea you want for it
    • Bottom Text Pointless Option

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I want the USP to be kept if the other weapons that have been put in are going to get the boob, having said this the USP is absolute fucking dogshit currently it deals 12 dmg, 600 fire rate, semi auto, and decent accuracy. (This is shit) I propose it fires two pellets instead of 1, but suffers in accuracy as a result. I am not fully convinced on if it still would need more buffs mainly considering its dmg output, possible 0.5-1.5 extra dmg per pellet. I think this wouldn't be overpowered but it would hold its own against the other guns currently in the server.  I am completely open to suggestions because i dont have much experience in managing game balance. I also put a poll down there to see what people thought.

listed a video of me firing it 

accidentally voted 4 times my bad


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