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Why the Kobold should be added back to the game, a genuine introspective.

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Look, we all know how why the Kobold got removed. It was far too common, it almost seemed like every round had a Kobold at a certain point.

Every other time you got Kobold you would be gunned down in seconds. You’d get your role only to hear “______ is the Kobold!! Kill them!!!” Horrifying, I know.


 The other times, however, you would sweep the unsuspecting victims. Maybe the map had a lot of guns, maybe your peers were just stupid. Either way, you won to a chorus of “fuck the Kobold.”


but- don’t we all miss that thick little lizard, at least a little bit? The Kobold was like the French, we can all bond over how much we hate them.


 Please, add the Kobold back!!! We need a common enemy, and thicc scaly cheeks, back on the server!! NOW!!!

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Kobold should be fixed for it's issues in the game and intil someone can think of a way to fix it, we gonna just have no kobold sadly.

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Posted  Edited by Stargazthepie

Kobald as it stands is not fun to play as intended, the fun i got from it was running around at mach 10 and shooting people. my vision of it goes as follows: 

Increase the rarity, (preferably hidden rarity)

Remove the damage penalty

Give it blast resistance and health regen when standing still

Keep climb cause climbing is rad

Change the weapon collecting mechanic(give it a special gun that gets stronger and faster the more weapons you collect, no insta win. make it a threat that is best taken down early before it snowballs)

Make kobald able to be mimiced or doppled(none of the turning into unkown shit)

Fix the godamn model bug, lets us have both new kobald and id disguisers.


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