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alstrenblade's CSGO Zombie Escape Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): fiak07

SteamID: STEAM_1:1:622729918


Admin that banned you: Kitty cat

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Serveur ban 12h


Why should you be unbanned?

 It's been almost a year that I come to play in this server (in the zombie mode) and I love having fun there. There are players who participate in the atmosphere in the voice chat and sometimes I participate in that (for example people imitating the sounds of chickens when someone says "back" several times, because it sounded like it). Player "Corpsehammer" made a !report against player "draganwoods" for nothing. he wasn't doing anything wrong (apart from bringing some flavor to the voice chat) so I wanted to defend him by posting "Corpsehammer". corpsehammer is a hater and embittered player who has !reported for no reason. I don't spam !reports or anything, I've never had a problem, I haven't been a toxic player etc, for 1 years in this zombie escape server, I just wanted to defend someone . that's why I'm asking for a deban for my behavior since everything happened on the server.


thank you.


in french translate.

Cela fait bientôt une année que je viens jouer dans se serveur (dans le mode zombie) et j'adore m'y amuser. Il y a des joueurs qui participe à l'ambiance dans le chat vocal et parfois je participe à cela (par exemple des gens imitant les bruits des poules lorsque quelqu'un dit "back" plusieurs fois, parce que sa y ressemblait).

Le joueur "Corpsehammer" à fait un !report contre le joueur "draganwoods" pour rien. il ne fesais rien de mal (à part apporter de l'ambiance dans le chat vocal) donc j'ai voulue le défendre en reportant "Corpsehammer".
corpsehammer est un rageux et un joueur aigri qui a !report sans raison.

Je ne spam pas les !report ou quoi que se soit, j'ai jamais eu de problème, je n'ai pas été un joueur toxic etc , depuis 1 ans dans se serveur zombie escape, j'avais juste voulue defendre quelqu'un.
c'est pour cela que je demande un debanissement pour mon comportement depuis tout se temp passer dans le serveur.









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Posted  Edited by kitty cat - Edit Reason: more info

I see-I should have asked you why you reported Corpsehammer, for he had done a report for that is why I came to the server in the first place. As well as I had made a mistake and have been informed on what to do in a situation like false reporting, It was your first offence as well it should had been a silence instead of a ban for it was your first time doing it.


Your Ban will be removed-forgive me for the inconvenience.

Edited by kitty cat
more info

Not A Furry I swear

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