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Create and add a “Diaper Boy” role

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The Diaper Boy comes with a diaper meter, which fills a certain percentage every time gunshots or explosions go off within a certain radius of the Diaper Boy. Explosions fill more than gunshots, and both fill levels increase as the distance from the sound source decreases.


Full diapers can be thrown for splash poison damage. 50% overfill is possible, causing a greater splash radius per percent over, but beyond this 50% point the Diaper Boy is revealed by a brown trail and will not get increased splash radius until the Diaper is thrown.


Admins, you know this is a true and good role to add. Please do the right thing.


Edited by LetsAllLoveLean

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If admins add this it will make up for the unjust removal of epic and awesome roles like Mad Bomber, Ravenous, and Kobold. 

They also have to remove maker though.


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