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Fast2454's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: Mr. Fart

My SteamID: 1463528

Reason: ERP

Admin: MoonBear

Why this should be revoked:

It was downtime, everyone was having fun chatting in mhb, I made a joke about butthole chocolate (a real thing google it).  After the joke, I was teleported and jailed, moon bear talked to me I tried to defend myself politely and respectfully, stating that everyone else was enjoying it, no one complained about it, etc. according to moon bear I was suspect so he wouldn't trust me no matter the situation.  after our conversation he banned me for a week no warning or anything, straight to the ban.

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GFL's playerbase tends to be somewhat young, and as such ERP and oversexualization is a no-warning week ban. 


We have to be careful in what we say and do because things that may seem trivial to you may be highly inappropriate to someone else - especially if that someone was, for example, a young kid and started repeating things they heard in the server to members of their family.


I do believe you didn't do anything maliciously based on your story, but the situation warrants the actions taken IMO. 

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Posted  Edited by moonbear. - Edit Reason: can't spell.

hey, so it's me kuma, the guy who banned you.

so, about your comments, you said.

phrase "i'm going to feed you chocolates of my butthole"

phrase "you can expand me if you like"


one of these comments heavily implies sexual conduct, and the other is just kinda fucked a clear breach of the ERP rules.

stating to someone that your going to feed them (not consensually) chocolates of your butthole, is very not ok. 


"Erotic Roleplay means someone is sexually roleplaying on the server. This involves people pretending to conduct sexual acts.

Statements such as "Suck my dick", "Fuck me" or "I will fuck your mother" do not apply. These are considered standard trash talk. This could lead to a harassment punishment if taken too far."


not only this, but you were also roaming around as a "CPT" and "MJR", yelling at other players for salutes, and when salutes didn't satisfy you, you asked them to kiss you on the lips and the helmet.



everyone else was enjoying it, no one complained about it

there was a trial admin there who was expressing concern, and another member who reported it to staff.


yes, it was downtime and things get more relaxed, and roleplay isn't taken as seriously however, this is not an excuse to make off hand comments that breach server rules, which still apply.


"Downtime is a period of under 20 players where the server can get much less serious. Feel free to operate flight tournaments and training for anyone on. However, the overall rules still apply!"


about the no-warning thing, as Drayyen said, a verbal or chat warning is not needed.

even if, you were very aware of what the rules were. stating to have read the MOTD and specifically going over the Downtime aspect above ^

i know this, because you told me what the downtime rules were during the sit.


to conclude, although you were quite polite and respectful during the sit, when you defended yourself and had said that you would cut it out, and basically be on your best behaviour. i was still inclined not to believe you, as often people say this in a sit before a punishment is dished out and due to the above ^ reasons.


as well as this. you and your friend knew exactly what you were doing when creating your names -

You - 111th Pina Colada CPT Cream

Your Friend - 111th Pina Colada MJR Pie

this combination of names, creates a heavy implication of sexual conduct - which is just another red flag.


anyways, management will look into your appeal and form a decision soon.

Edited by moonbear.
can't spell.


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