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mic battery addon

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playing with 20+ players online is genuinely stressful and overwhelming, depending on who's online and how the energy of the server is. as i'm typing this post, there is an incredibly chatty population on with around 22 players. not only is it incredibly difficult to distinguish between 4-5 people talking all at once, it is a complete sensory overload. there are multiple players who have complained about this issue, and more who just don't play on the server as often because of it. i have nothing against players who talk often, but it eventually becomes anxiety-inducing when it is 4 people screaming commentary of their every move on the mic all at once. the size of the battery can be adjusted; there is simply no reason that anyone should be talking at all times with no breaks. i am perfectly fine with the chaos of the server, but it becomes genuinely unpleasant to be around after a certain point. a common response is "just mute people" but (ignoring the fact that some of us cannot mute players i.e. staff) by muting other players you are inherently putting yourself at a disadvantage and it will ultimately lead to rdm. 


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