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Map is extremely large, having an near unnavigatable underground, is a blatant trying to expand on 37th way sorta map, and in addition to all that, the map is unfinished, completely lacking any ground guns or ammo on the map.

my  goal is to just have a good time and vibe, and i can bring the music to achieve that!

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it's an unfinished map that im pretty sure the uploader didn't really intend for people to play on in its current state (we thought it was funny that it's on a bunch of server collections)


it was uploaded because it used to be "lost media": the original owner of the map lost his vmf and etc of the map and since 2014 nobody could come up with a copy of it since afaik it was only playtested in one server


until recently in 2022 someone found it in some old harddrive they had


tbh i still wouldn't play on it even if it was finished, it's WAY too big and open and easy for people to delay rounds in

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