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Karma Ban Appeal and Complaint

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Name: agentorange


Steam ID (or steam profile link): 76561197976740576


Banned by: Karma


Ban Reason: n/a


Why should you be unbanned


After inadvertent explosive kill of a Traitor buddy and being RDM previous round(by other player who got slain for it). Marshalmaniac targeted me for RDM I would assume to get me to kill him so I can get karma banned. And It worked. It is not his first time. I'm appealing the karma ban and hoping that we can do something about Marshal trying to get people banned.


Marshals reason for RDMing me was that I swung my crowbar at an innocent(Mystaldi) passing by which is not true either. He just wanted me to kill him. I did not notice my karma low. 



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Considering that two innocents had hit you which led you to killing them, I will be accepting this appeal. Please be more careful with your karma.


If you have an issue with a player, you are free to report them here: https://gflclan.com/forms/162-gmod-ttt-rotation-player-report/

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