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make the loading screen useful

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rn all the loading screen does is show maps that the server doesnt have anymore and copy the text from the bottom-right loading window which is redundant


i think it would be more useful if it showed more important stuff that would be great for new players to read while they load in since nobody reads the motd since they just wanna start playing especially after sitting through a loading screen


first off, the chat commands, especially !roles and !rolesextra


and then a simplified roles list, it can be listed in several columns to use space efficiently


lastly, maybe some of the rules if it can still fit

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several times now i have seen newcomers on plauge/undead stare at me in deep thought deciding whether to shoot me or not before finally shooting me because they have no clue if they're on the innocent team


even showing just the role names under what team they're on without descriptions would be super useful

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