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Nabby's Text To Speech idea.

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From my experience on TTT Anarchy, most players seem to have the perspective of 'fuck text chat' as put by certain people. 


So I would suggest adding it as a feature that a player would request a server admin to give them. Maybe add some details like a feminine or masculine voice. Or set it to where it wouldn't work with non-radio binds to prevent spamming,  but they could still use binds that mark players are traitors. 

Yours truly,
The Cruel Shark Lord, Nabandonne.


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On 8/28/2022 at 5:46 AM, Cpt.Haxray said:

Interesting idea, would probably require a bunch of Dev work though + trial and error to avoid having voices be too annoying or loud.


Also need to make sure to avoid potential abuse/exploit of it.

people will definitely find ways to have the TTS say the N-word

If this is implemented, at least make it a Member only thing.

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I feel bad for the poor programmer that would have to make tts in lua lol. Is it even possible for such a slow lang to do that? I think you'd need some kinda plugin to ship the pre-rendered audio hot and ready to the client.

Assuming we're using the modern technique of using human voice clips and stitching them together with pitch and the like who's voice are we taking?

Also can you imagine what a localization nightmare this would be? We'd need a new person to get each of the languages done cuz I doubt someone would be fluent enough in each language to voice them all. I mean the phonetics of something like Japanese and English are so varied that you might as well be writing a different program, English with it's consonant clusters and Japanese with rhythm & tone.

Kit also brought up the issue of mal-action, which yeah, but in all fairness we do have vc wide open. I'm not saying these are equal, typing slurs and saying slurs are very different, but if mods can moderate vc I'm sure they'll do fine with robo-vc.

Honestly this would be cool as a workshop item that reads chat on a client device, but as a server wide thing the maintenance is just too much and the extra data needed to be stored and sent out to clients is more than gfl's willing to take I think.


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