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EmpressOfFrance's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:

Dr. Pig

Reason for the punishment:

Mass RDM

Why should your punishment be revoked?

I was banned for a month, and ever since I've come back I've not received a single warn as I've been playing the game more carefully and to the rules so that I wouldn't be warned.


Today, I accidentally shot Dr. Pig in the back while a fight was in the elevator and it probably could have been considered crossfire, but I answered the report and was going to deal with the warn for my mistake. While doing so I picked up a jihad bomb from the ts inside the elevator, while I was standing still, someone ran into the elevator with a jihad of their own and I panicked and clicked to fire with the jihad in my hand, I tried running away from their jihad and didn't realize I was the one also jihading and in the process killed Daedra with it. Before I could answer the report to Daedra I was banned for Mass RDM without being able to explain my mistake. 


I had no warns at all, and as I was told by the admins for my last ban, I had reduced all possible infractions on myself. Getting perma banned without warning for one panicked jihad, especially when others have done the same mistake and not been banned for mass rdm at all.

Hon hon hon le baguette

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Hello Empress!


First, I'll start off by saying the reason I applied your ban was because (from my Point of View), I watched you activate a jihad and run into a crowd as a detective.  However, I should not have been so hasty to have immediately banned you without hearing your side of what happened.  Regardless, accidental or not, it will still be viewed as a Mass RDM.  I will lower the ban from permanent to 1 week because I believe both killing me and your jihading were both accidents, but I will strongly caution you to avoid jihading as innocent roles to prevent incidents like this one in the future.  


Appeal Accepted, Ban Reduced to 1 week.

Hello I'm Doctor Pig

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