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Kungfujuju's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: StunnaBoy GetEm(Detroit)


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:92984617


Banned by: Anathema Device


Ban Reason: Mass rdm


Why should you be unbanned

My friend and I were looking for new and refreshing servers to play on, and we came across GFL Rotation. By far, this was one of the most unique and fresh experiences we have had in an extremely long time. There are tons of roles, tons of items, and a great community. While playing, there was a round that said Spider Terrorists, however I have dyslexia and misinterpreted it as Spider-Traitors. However even though I did, I still hesitated from shooting the people flying around. So, I asked the people in the server if I am supposed to shoot the people that are in the sky. When I asked this, I was told yes. So, I shot 1 person, and then 2 came towards me and I shot them too. But the moment I ID the body and saw that it wasn't a bad role, I realized I might have made a mistake. Everyone else was laughing and telling me to not listen to people anymore because they are trolls, and so I did - and apologized profusely to the people I rdmed. Aswell, I had completely good behavior the next 2 rounds before I was banned as I had no harmful intent and was misguided into rdming. 
I understand if this appeal doesn't go through, or if nothing happens. But this server genuinely brings so much entertainment and since I am banned for 4 weeks, my friend and I can't play. He could play without me ofc, but it was something we were looking forward to doing together. 
This server is truly outstanding, with an abundance of roles that we were experiencing true joy reading to each other until we had finished the huge list. I hope that others or someone can understand, and hopefully I won't have to wait 4 weeks to be able to play this server again.
And again, I am extremely sorry to the 3 people that I rdmed. I was misguided and I am seriously sorry if I ruined your experience at all. I was having a great time and felt extremely bad whenever I realized that I had most likely rdmed.
I hope I get to get back to this community soon, thank you for whoever took the time to read this.

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