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Luna Tank

Adios gamers

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I mean...you read the title, you know what this post is under. (at least I hope you do.) I haven't been in this server for that long, I've only joined GFL back in March of  2021, but I've loved the time that I've been here. Even though I haven't been around for a long time, everyone treated me like a friend from the moment I joined, and I've been able to get a long with almost everyone on the server, and I truly appreciate and thank you all for that. Even though I will make jokes about the community being something else at times, I truly love this community, and I would not be in GFL this long without the people in it. I don't simply play on TTT just for TTT itself, but for everyone that is on it. I've seen a lot of stuff go on in GFL, a lot of it really funny, like Marshall blowing up all his t-buddies, and Mystaldi getting karma banned for the 900th time. In short, this community is great, and I love being in it, but, something has come up, something that I shouldn't talk about on here, so I won't. Due to this thing coming up, I will be leaving GFL, and I have no idea if I will be back or not. To all the friends that I have made, to all the people who have just made this community a good place to be in, thank you. I won't forget my time in this server, and all of the funny and nice moments that have happened, I will cherish for as long as I can. I will always appreciate what this community has done for me, from just making me laugh a lot, to meeting people who are now good friends of mine. Again, thank you all. It was fun hunting traitors/innocents with everyone here. 

See ya gamers later ❤️ 


Luna Tuna 

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