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ImGlowingg's GMod Anarchy Player Report

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Your name:

Evil Chespin

Your SteamID:


Their name(s):

The Vigilante

Their SteamID(s):


Rule Broken:

They showed ableist aggression towards me by making fun of how I stuttered.  My role at the time was a detective, i was falsely reported (in-game) by a pirate captain for killing them off of DNA. I stated that this was a false report to the voice chat, i stuttered and mumbled when i spoke and then Vigilante mocked me for not speaking clearly, i'm on the spectrum and no longer feel comfortable playing on the server.  For he has shown aggression towards me in the past by calling me stupid for not playing the way he wanted me to.


I have no video proof but as soon as i rejoin the server, i'll begin recording.

Listen to what the hedgehog says.

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