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lucbrand's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: xlucbrandx


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:0:545729091


Banned by: bluhoser


Ban Reason: false report aka, got warned for nothing


Why should you be unbanned

I didn't got banned I just got a fucking warning for no reason by bluhoser aka the guy that has already made a fake warning about me, of me saying something racist when it was not. so I know u will see this but do your job well for fuck' sake is not alr that I go back to my infractions and i see a new one thanks to  your lack of context. I did not false report. if u are telling me that me reporting an rdm or a gunfight that an inno joined means that i false reported then Jesus idk how the fuck u got accepted in admin tbh. even a member that has committed a lot of rdm knows this tbh.  have  a great day new admin. and this messages goes to any new admin too. why would u falsely put a warning on someone? + without context. i hope u have a good reason tbh. cuz if not jesus u are really gonna get on my list

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. From looking back at the first "racism" warn, from what I've been told I believe it had something to do with a report about saying, "in my defense he was black." I'm not entirely sure about the full context of the situation, but obviously there seemed to have been a misunderstanding and fortunately it was removed, so there shouldn't really be any reason to hold any animosity over a misunderstanding.



Report Finished (ID 3)
Current map: ttt_metropolis_gfl, Round: 4
Reported player:
Victim's report:
Reported player's response:
in my defense he was black
Forgiven or Kept:
Report finished by:
Time taken:
02:45 minutes
(Auto) xlucbrandx autoslain 1 times for + Why would you say such a racist thing... + RDM
There are staff online.09/02/2022



Now with regards to the main warn, from what I've been told you had RDMed a friend and a person had killed you for the RDM, and you reported that person despite it being very reasonable why they killed you. At the time the staff member in question was informed by other staff members that given the context of the situation it was a false report, which I would like to further back up that something like that should be obvious (unless I'm mistaken). Obviously we do like to give benefit of the doubt when it comes to reports but sometimes more obvious cases should be very clear as to what happened. There was a little miscommunication about when to distribute a false report warn as well as understanding the severity of false report warns, so with that in mind I will be removing it. I have further informed the staff member of what to do in the future so that hopefully we may not run into another misunderstanding like this again.


However, I would like to ask to please be respectful to our staff members. They are people, just like you and I are, and as humans we make mistakes. I'm sure you would know something about that, so please be more civil next time. If you would like to make an abuse report, you are free to do so here, although I've already explained and resolved the situation so hopefully there should be no reason to do so.





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