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Add a vote to extend the number of rounds on a map.

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Have you ever been playing on your favorite map, such as the beloved and dearly missed rats_kitchen, only for the map to change before the fun was truly over? Maybe you wanted a few more rounds of 4_buttons before the next 2 hours of Minecraft maps.


I know I have.


That's why I'm suggesting a vote to extend the number of rounds on a map. Just as !rtv allows for a vote to skip maps, there should be a similar vote to add, say, 4 more rounds on a given map. !rtv would still be usable if there are any serious regrets.


The most major issue I could see coming from such a vote would be people trolling by voting for infinite rounds on a map. This could be alleviated by limiting the number of extension votes per map, or simply trusting the community (lol) to prevent this from happening.

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