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Event #300 -- Source's Spooky Scary Spicy Double Event

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Posted  Edited by Vanya

Event Overview:

Hello everyone! 

For our completely legit 300th event it's time to celebrate Halloween the only way we know, by throwing the house out the window!


As is tradition with these seasonal events we'll be splitting the event in two days. Some of these maps may not seem very Halloween-like but for those of you who've been around with us for the last couple years you know how we like to customize some of these maps to make them stand out a little bit more for our events. This event, also just like last year will only go for both Friday and Saturday so make sure to make some room in your schedule to drop by, you wouldn't want to miss some of the rewards we've got in store for you this year!

For this event we'll be playing:

This makes for a total of 9 maps + 2 bonus! Missed a map earlier in the day or were mother zombie then? Participate in one of the bonus maps to earn an extra participation or a win! (Max limit of wins / participations allowed is nine[9]).

Server IP:

  • steam://connect/

Days for the Event:

  • Friday October 28th @ 5:00PM CDT
  • Saturday October 29th @ 4:00PM CDT
To check at which time the event is for you, check this website to give you an idea.

Special Kickers:

  • Maps like Pharos Sirius, Survivors, Stalker, Source Ware etc. will have an extra scary dense fog just like last year because it's very scary, make use of your trusty radar to be able to see zombies in the dark!
  • Survivors will start from Stage 4 (skipping the first three stages).
  • Any willing one.

This year the rewards will be a lot spicier than they have ever been before, as not only will we be giving away V.I.P. and Discord roles only within this server but we'll also be giving away Steam gift cards and custom playermodels! (Also for use only within this server)


Steam gift cards will all be donated by @Pyrono so make sure to thank him for quite the huge spice for this event once it's over. 

As always, absolutely everyone is invited and welcome to join and participate.

How will rewards be given:

Like last year, in order to encourage people to participate we'll be rewarding both people who win maps and people who simply participate throughout the event!


If a map is beaten, winners will be saved and everyone else in the server the moment the Humans Win screen is displayed will be counted as participants.

If a map is NOT beaten, everyone in the server the moment the last round ends will be counted as a participant.


Winner-tiers will be decided once the event is over with the following method:

The player(s) who wins the most maps will set the bar for how many maps are required to be in the Top 15. So once the event ends, if for example, the biggest number of maps won is 7 then we'll start from there and work our way down.  


Winner rewards:

Top 1-2: Steam gift card, as well as a custom human and zombie playermodel of their choice.* + V.I.P. until February 25th, 2023 + a custom Discord role for use in our server.

Top 3: A custom human and zombie playermodel of their choice.* + V.I.P. until February 25th, 2023 + a custom Discord role for use in our server.

Top 4-10: V.I.P. until February 25th, 2023.

Top 11-15: V.I.P. until January 21st, 2023.


Participation rewards:

Top 1: Steam gift card, as well as a custom human and zombie playermodel of their choice* + V.I.P. until January 21st, 2023 + a custom Discord role for use in our server.

Top 2-3: A custom human OR zombie playermodel of their choice.* + V.I.P. until January 21st, 2023

Top 4-10: V.I.P. until December 24th, 2022.

Top 11-15: V.I.P. until November 26th, 2022.


* = Conditions on what sort of playermodel is allowed to be suggested will be applied, read below.

Conditions on custom playermodel rewards:

Seeing as I'll be doing the rigging and adding the models to the server for public use I should make the following conditions crystal clear from the get-go for those who are eligible of the playermodel rewards:


  • Playermodels must be visibly relatable to the team they are going to be added for.
    • This means requesting a playermodel like Hatsune Miku with red hair or a default CT skin with blood stains for zombies might get rejected, same story if you request a zombie-looking skin for humans. Remember Zombie Escape is a game about visibility (I think), so suggesting playermodels that may cause confusion with which team they are part of may get rejected (I'll just ask you to pick different models).
  • Playermodels must have a downloadable source where I can get them from.
    • I am not a model maker so sending me a picture of the model you'd like to add will not work. The model you suggest must have a downloadable source where I can download and extract it from.
  • Playermodels must NOT be controversial.
    • This rule should be straightforward. I will not add playermodels that could be considered NSFW or have any controversial remarks attached to them, to put it bluntly I won't add nude or Nazi playermodels or things along those lines. If I feel your suggestion falls in this category I'll just ask you to select different models.
  • Playermodels don't have to be Halloween-themed.
    • Even though this is a Halloween event, the skins you are allowed to suggest don't necessarily have to be Halloween-themed.
  • Playermodels can be models from existing maps.
    • Is there a model in any existing CS:S ZE map you'd fancy playing as? Bosses from Fapescape? The ghost model from Halloween House? Grima from Isengard? Those are also valid picks!
    • Alterations to the proportions may have to be made so that they follow a player's outline shape.
  • Playermodels must follow an outline that resembles players.
    • This means I won't add a human model that's just the mushroom from Mario for example. Playermodels that may look like Pickle Rick are allowed as they have a visible full body outline.
  • Playermodels proportions will be edited to match this outline.
    • If the model is too short (e.g. Mona from Genshin Impact) or wide but still short (e.g. Big Chungus), their arm / leg proportions will have to be edited to match the humans / zombies' proportions as closely as possible.


Playermodels won't be exclusive to the person who won them. They will be added publicly (in some cases they might be put behind the V.I.P. tag).


Since I will be the one making these models (and this whole event equates to 9 custom models total, unless playermodels are already rigged in CS:S) they might either come in batches or all come together at once. I apologize if they take a while to come out, but do not worry though as these playermodels will be added permanently.

What if?
  • What if 14 people participated in all 9 maps, and 2 people participated in 8?
    • Since Top 15 was reached at 8 map participations I will take the 2 people who participated in 8 and select one at random to be put along the other 14 people.
  • What if 2 people participated in all 9 maps, and 28 people participated in 8?
    • Same as above, since Top 15 was reached at 8 map participations I will put all 28 people in a list and select 13 of them to be put together for a Top 15.
  • What if 1 person participated in all 9 maps, 10 people participated in 8, and 15 people participated in 7 maps?
    • Since Top 15 was reached at 7 map participations I will put all 15 people who participated in 7 maps in a list and select 4 of them at random to be put together with the other people for a Top 15.
  • What if 16+ people participated in all 9 maps, and 20 people participated in 8?
    • Since Top 15 was reached at 9 map participations I will only consider these people for the list. In this example all 16 people would be eligible for a reward, but only one would walk away with nothing, poor lad.
  • What if 7 people win all 9 maps, and 12 people win 8 maps?
    • First we'll roll the 7 people who won all maps to pick the Top 3 event winners, this would leave us with 4 winners of 9 maps and 12 winners of 8 maps. Since at this point in time we can only have 12 more people in this list but we have 16 left I'll put the 12 winners of 8 maps in a list to select 8 at random and put them together with the winners of all maps, the order in which players come out after doing this roll will be what determines what tier of rewards they get.
  • What if I won all maps and thus also participated in all maps?
    • You will be entered in both winner and participation raffles. Winners raffle will be done first and then the participation raffle will be done after. If you win during the Winners raffle you will no longer be counted for the Participation raffles.
    • tl;dr you can only win rewards from one pool, you cannot win both Winners and Participants prizes.


Should scenarios like these happen during the raffle we'll follow these guidelines. The idea is to give everyone a fair chance at winning something while still giving priority to those who participated in / beat the most maps.


See you on the weekend, and Happy Halloween!
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On a side note when people are in the top positions to get the spicy steam gift card reward I will either message you and add you on steam (since it's easier for me to give you the card). I give 3 cards each 50$ you might get a bit more because of the conversion rate. I hope people will hop on to get the neat cards and most importantly to have fun during the event. Keep in mind it might take a few days till I reach the winners because of my schedule. 



Me and the boys standing right in front of your shit post. 

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Posted  Edited by Vanya

Thank you to everyone who participated in our event!




For the "who won what" lists join our Discord server on November 2nd @ 6:00PM CST / GMT-6 (this Wednesday) where I'll be hosting a voice call in the public voice chats so you can see the process unfold live!


Winners list (who won how many maps):


9 - male
9 - j0ueurnul
9 - Star

8 - xen
8 - Shadow Esper
8 - machu

7 - Dingus Dingdong
7 - DailyFirefox
7 - cee anide
7 - Soviet_Tornado

6 - CNe
6 - WarpedCakez

5 - sasayaki
5 - Pudding!!!
5 - Buzz
5 - chrietzg

4 - Archimado
4 - Logicals
4 - Earthquake
4 - cron

3 - Kurga
3 - backup
3 - LE M
3 - retardedtriggerfinger
3 - Ness
3 - El Donte
3 - unconnected

2 - Chicago Ben
2 - OneDerp
2 - Phong
2 - live action cow
2 - skirmYAR
2 - Aomai
2 - HaRyDe
2 - Rikze
2 - Subaru Natsuki
2 - Lv. 100 Crobat

1 - Carlos
1 - Super Weedy
1 - cochopy
1 - 0110011110101011101011
1 - Squirrelcity
1 - Hlentuh
1 - bosch
1 - Pataum
1 - neck
1 - 95 Sbr A4
1 - Sparky
1 - STEAM_0:0:25816139
1 - MING
1 - maalls@arch-linux
1 - grimmlie5
1 - Syrup
1 - ricca2554
1 - Alcolo Oasis
1 - Sir Ross
1 - El Espaici
1 - Tiger
1 - Xerocrine
1 - Cow
1 - AssLionChuckyBomb-67
1 - Wao
1 - Dopamine Terrorist
1 - FierceG
1 - Kouri
1 - suave
1 - Headsh
1 - Umai
1 - Soft Serve
1 - lebron
1 - anal_crasher69
1 - jaek
1 - Charon IV
1 - senzoku
1 - GayLordT rash
1 - Rune


In order to get the correct winners there will have to be some draws to see who gets what (which will be done live on the aforementioned voice call).


Participants list (who participated in how many maps):


9 - male
9 - Star
9 - j0ueurnul

9 - CNe
9 - Pudding!!!
9 - xen
9 - Buzz
9 - Dingus Dingdong
9 - chrietzg
9 - DailyFirefox
9 - Earthquake
9 - cee anide
9 - Shadow Esper
9 - WarpedCakez
9 - Soviet_Tornado
9 - machu

8 - cron

7 - Sir Ross
7 - Logicals
7 - Lv. 100 Crobat

6 - Archimado
6 - Pyrono
6 - Ness

5 - sasayaki
5 - Hlentuh
5 - gkuo88
5 - bluedog
5 - live action cow
5 - skirmYAR
5 - LE M
5 - retardedtriggerfinger
5 - El Donte
5 - HaRyDe
5 - Subaru Natsuki
5 - unconnected

4 - STEAM_0:0:25816139
4 - ChicagoBen
4 - grimmlie5
4 - Kurga
4 - OneDerp
4 - Aomai
4 - Cow
4 - Dopamine Terrorist
4 - Rikze
4 - Mleep

3 - Carlos
3 - Phong
3 - backup
3 - Croucher
3 - anal_crasher69
3 - jaek
3- Charon IV

2 - brutalguy
2 - Squirrelcity
2 - MING
2 - ricca2554
2 - wale
2 - Cayetana
2 - Xerocrine
2 - Glen Coco
2 - RadSubi
2 - Phoenix
2 - 'Rin
2 - Snow cat
2 - Headsh
2 - Soft Serve
2 - Chucky
2 - None
2 - GayLordT rash

1 - Super Weedy
1 - cochopy
1 - Fat Ass 
1 - 0110011110101011101011
1 - pickle
1 - Therren
1 - bosch
1 - Pataum
1 - Guadalupe
1 - neck
1 - 95 Sbr A4
1 - Sparky
1 - AlvaroFray
1 - Trooper
1 - Lev
1 - Krantz
1 - madfunnyboy bl1zz
1 - Kiku-san
1 - maalls@arch-linux
1 - Dangler Jim
1 - Syrup
1 - Kultakalle2
1 - Raz0r
1 - ricolaaa
1 - Alcolo Oasis
1 - Derek.harris.7315
1 - Tusna
1 - Volt.
1 - El Espaici
1 - Sgt. Major Death Row (Kkronin)
1 - rz
1 - Tiger
1 - AssLionChuckyBomb-67
1 - Wao 
1 - FierceG
1 - GS_Bany
1 - Xehanort
1 - hoarder
1 - dead angel
1 - _g_
1 - Kouri
1 - hi hello
1 - lsgang
1 - Lumiaaa :3
1 - Qubit
1 - Lardy
1 - suave
1 - JumboFranks
1 - lebron
1 - Umai
1 - bagguet
1 - Piki
1 - senzoku
1 - STEAM_0:1:663866253
1 - Rune
1 - Frodo Baggins
1 - dodger


Not happy with your winners reward? You participated in all maps and want to give yourself a chance to do it big?

Write a reply in this thread to give up your winners reward and instead participate in the Participation raffle! (you must explicitly write that you choose to do so).




You have until November 2nd @ 5:59PM CST / GMT-6 (this Wednesday) to reply. (by not replying you simply choose to keep your current winner prize, if you have one.)

Edited by Vanya

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1 hour ago, Logicals said:

If my name is green then can i go all in? If so yes


You did not win enough maps to be considered in the Winners raffle.


If my counts are correct, you would be participating to be somewhere between Top11 and 15 for the Participants raffle.

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Just consider me in the participation list. "I consent to a lesser temporal version of VIP, as I understand it, by being in the participation pool rather than the winners pool".  Slightly confused about the listings and raffles so will DM when able. Might make a public post on clarity if warranted. :lenny:

We all start out as idealists only to slowly but surely become realists one day, the likes of which we'd never imagine we would become. Meanwhile we stare back at new idealists and see a reflection of what we once were.


Facing reality to get through life.


:cockatiel: I drink birds alive and whole while petting them :cockatiel:




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Our Halloween Event is now OFFICIALLY OVER.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


Even though the official winner lists have been rolled out in our Discord server I'll still post them here for transparency sake.


Winners of the Winner prize pool:


Top 1-2: Star, j0ueurnul
Top 3: male
Top 4-10: Shadow Esper, Dingus Dingdong, cee anide, sasayaki, Pudding!!!, Buzz, chrietzg
Top 11-15: Archimado, Logicals, Easrthquake, cron, Ness


Winners of the Participants prize pool:


Top 1: CNe
Top 2-3: xen, Soviet
Top 4-10: Warped, machu, DailyFirefox, Ross, Logicals, Crobat

Top 11-15: unconnected, bluedog, retardedtriggerfinger, gkuo88, skirmYAR


Their rewards will be handed to them overtime and their playermodels will start being added into the server as they are being requested.

As of me writing this post two of the new playermodels have been added, so be sure to give them a look-see next event!

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As I'm giving the rewards I noticed I accidentally counted Logicals twice in Winners and Participation raffles.


Because of this I have given the Participation award that mistakenly would have been given to him to live action cow, who also participated in 5 maps.

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