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AlphaOwl's Event Suggestion

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Event Type: CSGO Tournament Event 2022-2023 Edition


Event Description:

Reminiscent of the one hosted in 2020 and piggybacking off of the success in the CS:GO division, GFL should have another CS:GO Tournament-styled competition. The bracket could be set up based on how many teams apply, and the prizes should definitely be more than what was previously offered due to 2 months of VIP not feeling enough to equate for setting up a team to win. Maybe 6 months of VIP? A year? Actual money??? But I would love to participate in one of these again, this time maybe playing, and if I lose I can help with casting too.


Additional Information:

If you need to contact me about this reach out to AlphaOwl#5778, and hopefully this is taken up again.

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Posted  Edited by Joshy - Edit Reason: Added old link

I'm gonna see what we can find of the old event and see what we need.  I wasn't involved in that one but would like to know more.


I will admit a few caveats or challenges:

  • I think the two main people who have the most permissions that can cover/facilitate this are super busy this week or the next (school stuff to my knowledge, and it's happening to me too) so the responses might be a little spare near-term, but it doesn't mean the idea can't be revisited in a week or two 🙂 I think a lot of people would be pumped to see this one
  • I'm not sure what the last event needed and if it need money, or a lot of money.  That stuff can always be tricky.  I will try to find out.

I like the idea.  Let me find out how we can make this happen.




For anyone who needs quick reference... link isn't far away... but I'll add it here for convenience anyways.




Edited by Joshy
Added old link


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I don't understand all the server details, but I'm being told we don't have combat servers that can support this.  The old ones were with an old network service I don't think we're using anymore.


The other challenge we believe is that last time there was almost not enough people to join the event they had to leave the sign in open longer, and some people who said they were interested were not as committed as they said.  Someone did suggest instead of 5v5 maybe a smaller number of people might help mitigate this issue.


Just trying to be transparent to let you know these things are creating a challenge for this event.  We're still trying to discuss to explore options... see what we can do... so we're not planning to drop this and will do our best 🙂 


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