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Sgt. Squiddy

Squiddy (and his hand) needs another break

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This is what happens when you take your anger out on a keyboard. You break a keycap and bruise your hand.


If you couldn't already tell, I'm going to be taking an extended break from TTT. I've reached that point again where I'm no longer enjoying the game since certain players above my skill level keep wrecking me. It puts me in a bad state of mind and makes me do things like "Alt+F4 but you pound your hand into your keyboard and make it do undesirable things".


I'm sorry if I caused any issues and I really wish I could better control myself. I'm not leaving forever, and I'm always open to trying out other games with people. Just not today or at least another month because of [see image above].


Goodbye for now.

Stay squiggly, my friends.

[Former] Admin: GFL Prop Hunt

Regular: TTT Rotation

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