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Fps Problem in Zombie Escape Servers

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Hello Brazil,


The source engine (which CS:GO is built on) is CPU intensive rather than GPU intensive. So your GPU won't be doing much in terms of performance in CS:GO, but rather your CPU. Seeing how you're using an Intel i7-3770, it doesn't have the processing power to keep up with how demanding CS:GO Zombie Escape is.


Newer games are a lot more optimized for better performance, but source engine? Now that's a different story. Engine is really old and some of the stuff is outdated, so playing with 64 players on a server gets really laggy. Hope this helps explain why your performance lags more compared to other newer games.


If you do want to fix the FPS drop issue, the best way would obviously be to upgrade your CPU first. This will bring the largest performance improvement. However, if you cannot do that then there are some things you can do:


- Close out of any other applications that you don't need to be running at the same time

- Enable hardware acceleration on apps like Discord so your GPU handles it

- Lower your graphics settings and play at a lower resolution


I hope this helps 🙂

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You need to upgrade your i7 3rd generation to something built in the last decade to see any sort of increase in FPS. The 960 GTX is old but as said before source engine is very heavy CPU wise. It's the i7 3rd gen that is killing you.

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