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[Surf] The v3.0 Update

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Posted  Edited by Infra - Edit Reason: Updated notes to reflect a few changes post-release

Hi everyone, happy holidays! For the holiday season, we've been working on some much needed refactoring of the foundations of the timer, revamping the replays system and replacing the personal best processing system entirely. The main goal for this major update release was to rework some key parts of the timer that have been the same way since around 2015 while introducing a few features that showcase the work put into our systems over the past year!


This thread highlights some of the new features. Thanks to everyone that helped with testing and feedback, and thank you all for playing and supporting us all this while. Merry Christmas!


- @Infra


Banner by @Salad


Map Personal Best Replays

The timer will now automatically save replays of your personal best runs on any map and any style! Players can use the /replays command to choose from a list of available replays:



We are debuting this feature with only map personal bests. Replays are automatically saved for either of the following conditions:

  • If the map has less than 100 completes on the style you've set the PB on,
  • If your PB was faster than the average map time.
    • For the Low-Gravity and Slow-Motion styles, your PB needs to be faster than 2x the average map time.


At the time of this update release, we had 21,810 replay files saved for 856 different Steam accounts! This is because we've been silently saving some map and bonus PB replays over the past few months to test the system until this release. There is a chance some of you may have PB replays on some maps already available the moment this update goes live, which is cool!


This feature is available only to VIPs!



Replay Controller

As a VIP, you will now have access to controls over replays that you manually start using the /replay command! The controls allow players to pause, skip, rewind, and customise the amount of time skip/rewind uses.




Here's a demo of the feature:



This feature is available only to VIPs!



Synced WRCP Replays

Replays for record stage times will now be synced across all servers! Similar to when we announced this for Map and Bonus replays, a base set of replays have already been synced when this update was released, but the system largely depends on new records/replays being made to replace ancient replays that don't get synced.


Some may raise the concern, "but Infra! There have been so many issues with bugged WRCPs, this will literally be terrible!!!", and to that...



Rebuilt Time Processing Backend

The system used to save times set by players is incredibly old, with many parts of it dating all the way back to 2015. With this update, the process has been rebuilt entirely to address several performance drawbacks and issues such as common bugged records for stage times.


The new system doesn't process the times and associated data on the server itself, it instead sends times and data to our SurfAPI network for the processing to be done entirely, with the SurfAPI then responding with the player's rank and other relevant data directly. This allows the entire process to be completed much faster, especially since the SurfAPI network is capable of handling far more operations per second than the servers themselves!


A common impact of the old system was seen on our Beginner and Novice servers when they were full, as players would often have to wait a few seconds for their time to be processed and to see details of their run. This should be reduced with the new system!

Edited by Infra
Updated notes to reflect a few changes post-release

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