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Growing The Event Team

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Now that we have a new Events Team Leader, @the best name, this is the perfect time to join and help the team lean in on topics of interest to you too!  New team leaders seem to bring about a new style and are often more open minded about the future of their team (compared to doing the same old that has been working for them for a while).  I can definitely assure you he's very excited about events and already brainstorming and planning a lot of things.  The team is broadly seeking new members to help support events.  Some parts of the team are running a little bit short if there are any TF2 players who may be interested too, but we're not limiting the recruitment to just that (so if you're into GMOD or CSGO, and et cetera, then we look forward to your applications too).


Events team application: https://gflclan.com/forms/94-event-coordinator-application/

Events team requirements: https://gflclan.com/topic/76878-how-to-apply-for-event-coordinator/ (the gist of it is you need to be a member)


In addition to hosting events:  Some Team Members can support things like Topic of the Week TOTW on the Main Discord, and we even have Movie Nights, and so events don't have to be too elaborate and can be fun everyday things people do anyways (I'm assuming most of you watch movies or chat on Discord 😛 ).  Some events have been servers or games we don't regularly have such as Minecraft.


Events are a great way to introduce new servers or to show promise that they can do well.  Events team members also have a pretty good history of moving up within GFL.  I know that it's not at the top of everyone's mind, but you will be able to lean deeper into Teams topics (why can or can't we do some things) or help drive the community towards a goal that you align with.  If you're on the sidelines you will probably have to take what you can get, and we'll try the best we can, but we could use your help to make it better.


I know the incentives above may not be a hit for everyone.  It's been on the top of my mind.  If you have some ideas of something reasonable that could work for you, then send me a DM I'll look into it and see what can be done.  (Quick note to save some time: I know $$$ is the common ask and I'm sorry, but this one is not an option right now).


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