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[Bhop] December Server Revamp

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Hi everyone, happy holidays!


@MSWS has been hard at work revamping the Bhop servers, and I'm happy to announce that his update for December has been released to the servers! The main goal of this update was to rework a lot of the aging foundation that our servers have been sitting on for several years now, giving it some much needed love in quite a few areas.


We hope you all like the update, and if you have any feedback/suggestions, feel free to bring it up in Discord! (https://discord.gg/b5zsDZGKzr)


Rank Revamp

  • Ranks have been revamped to support more players and more accurately represents a player's skill level.
  • Title, name, and message colors have been updated to a thematic color progression.
  • Rank names and menu has been updated to be more clear and concise.
  • There are 3 tracks in total: Absolute Position, Relative Position, and WR/Miscellaneous.
    • Absolute Position: Your position in the leader-board. (Eg: #1, #2, #3, etc.)
    • Relative Position: Your position in percentages. (Eg: Top 1%, Top 2%, Top 3%, etc.)
    • WR/Miscellaneous: Your position based on how many WRs you currently hold. (Currently only #1 has a rank). Miscellaneous contains Donor/Staff/etc ranks.


Timer Improvements

  • BHop Timer updated to most recent version.
  • Many custom changes, including:
    • Scoreboard
      • Now uses Kills/Assists as Minutes/Seconds of current run
      • # of jumps is displayed by their deaths.
      • Player's BHop Points are represented by their current balance.
      • Player's Server Ranking is represented by their current points.
    • Reporting System (!report)
      • Players may now report records that are cheated/bugged from directly in-game.
      • Allows for admins to handle reports at their own pace, easily viewing the reported record's replay (if available).
      • Abuse may be handled by blacklisting the reporter.
    • Route Preview
      • Inspired by a KZ Timer feature, the Normal Main track will show a guide for players on where to go.
      • This can be disabled with !route.
      • Route Preview Image
    • Replay Bots will now show consistently on the scoreboard, and will show off various records.
    • Added the auto restart feature! You will now automatically be reset if your current run time exceeds your PB. (Toggle-able with !autorestart)


Style Audit

  • From the replay and record data on our servers, we noticed many of the styles weren't being played. We've removed the unused styles, and plan on adding new styles in the future based on demand!
  • Until then, please enjoy the tailored and re-sorted list of styles that are available!


Quality of Life / Custom Plugins

  • We've gone all out on custom plugins to make this overhaul as clean and polished as possible!
  • You can now show triggers with !triggers
  • You can now show player clips with !playerclips
  • All styles were given a specific HTML Color
  • Players will be highlighted with their current style's color
  • Improvements to translations / localization and text coloring
  • General performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • / commands will no longer show in public chat, and ! commands will

Discord: Infra#0001 | Steam: /id/infra- | GitHub: /1zc

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