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Uptick on suspicious advertising posts

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Posted  Edited by Joshy

I've seen 3 posts that had the same type of malicious advertising; they came from some members who had some posting activity that did not look like a typical bot, and so I think it might be okay to suggest we be aware and make a best effort to secure our accounts.  It doesn't look like something directly through GFL.




Even if it's nothing... probably not bad to refresh or remind people to try and secure their account as best as they reasonably can.  I know there's no 100% perfect strategy, but some I've heard of is:


  • Do not reuse the same password across multiple domains.  So for your GFL forum account, Discord, Steam, other community you visit, etc. I recommend using different passwords for all of them.
  • Change your password every once in a while.  The rule of thumb I've heard is about once per 6 months to a year.
  • Enable two factor authentication 2FA.  If you click on your name in the upper right corner of the website, then there's an option to go to Account Settings and you can enable a 2FA.
  • Avoid suspicious websites or activity.  You probably wont get hacked while visiting your TikTok, but you might stumble upon risky websites while searching for that really super secret guide; random website  you found on the 7th page of a Google search that has some cool UI or skin downloads.
  • Use a VPN if you're on public WiFi


I certainly welcome others to chime in as they might have better advise.  edit: The person I tagged wont be available for a minute 😞

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