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Missing fonts in GMod/Rotation

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Posted  Edited by Saidai - Edit Reason: punctuation correction

This is a list of fonts that are supposed to be loaded by GMod but aren't due to being missing from the game's directory.

If you have the specific fonts downloaded you can add them back into the game by dragging the .ttf files into the fonts folder at the directory GarrysMod/garrysmod/resource/fonts


Base missing fonts (case and space sensitive):

"Arial Narrow"

"roboto mono"

"DejaVu Sans"

"dejavu sans mono"


Missing fonts on Rotation (that function when added):

"Caviar Dreams Bold"


(roboto medium and Pro Code LC are listed but do not appear when added)

Edited by Saidai
punctuation correction

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As an addendum to this, be sure that if you download the font .ttf files from elsewhere, you'll need to change the font filenames to exactly as they are here.

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