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Pre-Release Staff Applications!

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Posted  Edited by Cpt.Haxray

Hey folks! Im looking to get some starting staff for the ZPS server. Im not able to give an exact date as to when it'll be online, but it will be very soon. Im leaving this open for anyone to apply.

Keep in mind im looking for the following for Staff:


Most Important:

-Willing to be active on the server to help develop a solid playerbase(Important! Inactivity could easily kill the server or make it blend in with bunch of long dead non-updated servers clogging the server list).

-Mature and willing to deal with rule breakers (Obviously).

Optional but Useful:
-Past Experience with ZPS. Doesnt matter from which server, but anyone who previously liked and enjoyed Davidians ZPS would feel right at home with how the server will be set up.
- Experience using Sourcemod Moderation tools. Not hyper important as they're relatively simple and easy to learn.

- Past Experience with Moderating other GFL servers or servers in general. 

What Staff would have to be managing:

-Actively playing on the server(I won't enforce minimum hours but I will enforce at least playing on the server semi-frequently).

- Slurs in voice chat and text chat and Mic spam

-Dealing with Harrassment

- Dealing with Team killers, and people delaying on Objective maps

- Miscellaneous staff duties. 


Please leave a response in the comments if interested!. No need for a formal format!

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Nabby has just received a promotion in TTT Anarchy and he's currently feeling himself.

Nabby has just finished Telltale's The Walking Dead.

Nabby is harsh on crime. Like Rorschach. 

Nabby is a Shark.

Yours truly,
The Cruel Shark Lord, Nabandonne.


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15 minutes ago, Cpt.Haxray said:


Mike surely you can try a bit harder than that. 

I think it would be awesome and you know I'm pretty dedicated to shit when I set my eyes to it


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I played ZPS waaay back when it used to be super popular. I'd love an opportunity to help build a community on there, and can be relatively active in the evenings during peak hours (9:30pm est-1am est) I'm familiar and fluent with Source and have worked my way up to senior admin on the CWRP server. Keeping order on the server will help it grow, and I'd like to be a part of that if possible. Thanks for the consideration, alongside the server! 

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