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A bunch of random role tweaks

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There are a number of roles considered bad or unfun, rather than remove these i feel a few tweaks could make them a bit more fun.

Lookout: First things first make the placable camera able to be picked up, if imposter and pharaoh can i see no reason lookout can't, also make the cameras show the names of players currently visible on the cams, having to go off skin and location is literally useless and just leads to either rdm or the lookout failing at the very concept of their role.

Pharaoh: Let them pick up and place their ankh at any time, the traitors stipulation is just stupid considering if there are no t's left then there is a neutral out there slaughtering people, neutrals are typically more dangerous than t's and to not be able to relocate or just place it when it would be a situation you'd want it most just leads to pharaoh throwing away their extra life. also make it so jester cant damage it, my god it is the worst when the role that can't do damage does serious damage.

Jester: random winstate only, or at least added back. having your jester round ruined by a detective is the worst, especially when the goddamn rules state that you cannot kill off of a jester respawn, this means that people who kill the jester off of that cause it is proven to work are skirting around the rules so hard im tempted to call it cheating.

Skirmisher: my god this role, it is supposedly designed for playing aggressively as an inno that just gets health from killing T's. it is a very plain and boring role, it is just inno with a mechanic that rarely ever helps, cause having health come back from a kill on a t specifically is just terrible considering the number of neutral roles and how powerful the t's are, i feel we scrap the heath regain and just make the skirmisher have infinite sprint duration, this would encourage the skirmisher to be able to have a good advantage against anything while still being killable, the skirmisher now gets to choose their own battles much easier and can retreat when needed making them an actual skirmisher. as a balance to that speed we can reduce the max health of the skirmisher to a reasonable 70(up for negotiation) . this will make the skirmisher actually fun to play.

Restless: let them set their own spawnpoint. restless can be one of the worst roles to play as and fight cause maps have easily locked down spawns and the restless cant do anything.

Doppleganger: Just let them dopple anyone, no turning into an amne or unknown when doppling roles

Infected: This role is great but it overriding almost any role is annoying, the roles infected should not override are, Jester, Unkown(becomes prime or dopple prime),Restless, pharaoh with ankh, Skelledoot, and haunted,(undecided still gets to change)ps: i know we have some of those already im just listing them for the sake of clarity.

Mimic,Undecided,Drunk,Amne, and Unkown.(also dopple and jester). Should automatically be given 2 credits upon turning into a role with a shop. i have no idea why this was removed.

Bulwark: Just bring this majestic angel of death back, i miss it so much.


Reach for the stars, there you will find pie.

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Posted  Edited by killer.foxyLP - Edit Reason: Forgot that lazarus and awoken cant damage each other

Omg i absolutely agree with Infected it ABSOLUTELY is SO unfun if u get killed by a infected as unknown/skeledoot/jester/RESTLESS/Pharaoh exc. and u become an infected immediatly


With Doppelganger i dont agree with it because they made it that Lazarus,awoken,infected cant kill each other which would just a really big problem so theyre fine how they are


Rip Bulwark i never got to see it idk why even it got removed would be cool seeing it again


(change infected and stop it from OVERRIDING YOUR RESPAWN)

Edited by killer.foxyLP
Forgot that lazarus and awoken cant damage each other

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Addressing these:


Lookout: Yes but only if it can be coded idk how much of amess camera code is.


Pharaoh: 100%, i think its a left over from when Ankh needed a T to be converted to a Graverobber. 


Jester: It's already random winstate.


Skirmisher: No comment


Restless: I'll rather remove the entire role as i did previously as it can be asily abused for easy iwins by just doing nothing the entire round until you're near the end, but this is not a terrible idea. Might be a bit clunky to make though.


Doppleganger: dopple has blocks on certain roles due to certain roles being poorly coded and not being able to handle dopple well. In infected case it broke with team damage immunity, rendering dopple unable to kill non-doppleinfected, but in other cases its also because the dopple would lose their team if they copied another role copying role and then copied a role again. 


Infected: I agree that it shouldn't override those, but i'm not sure if its possible.


2 Credits: Blame TTT2 devs. Ill give em all 2 starting credits or something.


Bulwark: No

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Update on this thread:

A lot of the changes on here are being looked into.

I tried to fix the mimic issue but it seems the credits i give them on spawn get removed when they change roles(What the fuck?) and will require extra effort to fix.


I'll consider re-enabling Bulwark.

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