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Krabs's CS2 ZE Admin Application

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Haven't been able to see you on the server yet, that's mostly because I've been inactive but apps will be re-opening so I am going to make an effort to join the server on a daily basis so I can be able to give you a proper response. Will update my response when I feel it is necessary.

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Posted  Edited by ChicagoBen - Edit Reason: gram

Great steady personality on the mic with a clear air of enjoying playing the game and being a respectful player to all players while getting along with everyone.  

Krabs you told me that you wanted to become a admin only because of the lack of admins in cs2 which is exactly the mindset I like to see in applications. It's not about the powers (haha coming from me I know....)  or the titles, It's about seeing the void and trying to help the the server improve in ways you can assist in.  No maturity questions and capable of leadership when needed. 
This has been the person I've seen most qualified to try and be a admin in post cs2 era.

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Posted  Edited by DREAMA

It has been a month since I last posted. I still feel like I haven't observed you enough but during the times that I did see you on the server, I did not notice anything negative. You also have a positive reputation on the server which is good. I am willing to support your application and give you a  chance on trial admin so +1.

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