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RedM00N's CS2 ZE Admin Application

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Posted  Edited by RedM00N

Name: RedM00N
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:10715795
Discord Handle: redmoon

Age: 32
Server Playtime: A couple hundred in cs2, like 6000 in css/go

Your timezone: Eastern


What time of the day are you usually on ZE? Weekdays usually after 6pm EST


Do you have any unique skill sets that can help with maintaining/improving the server? Coding knowledge
Understanding of Source SDK or Alien Swarm SDK / Mapping for CSS or CSGO
Understanding of stripper
bhud and/or Entwatch configs
Technical knowledge in CSS or CSGO Server management
Some experience in graphic design


Are you in school or already in the workforce? Workforce


Are you able to understand any other languages besides English? Nop


Why do you want to become an admin?


I've played on gfl for about 10 years, but there are times in CS2 where we need an admoon and none are one, but I am.  I'd like to help clean up the trash that sometimes finds its way unto the server.  I also have past admin/moderating experience from other communities, so I know the basics and conduct behind being an admin to begin with. 


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Haven't been able to see you on the server yet, that's mostly because I've been inactive but apps will be re-opening so I am going to make an effort to join the server on a daily basis so I can be able to give you a proper response. Will update my response when I feel it is necessary.

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