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Ban Appeals

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Name: Im just Deadpool


Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:188299729


Banned by: : Roxie:


Ban reason:banned for mass rdm with no remorse


Why you should be unbanned:


I was on when there was no admin and I was getting rdmed every round so i was defending myself when I was getting shot at and I attempted to get an Admin on but they were busy (XY was the admin he was in class).



Edited by MrRabbit
Made the color readable

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Also, that font couldn't be anymore unreadable.


(signature made by @Kaylode)

Previously known as Xy.


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There is this wonderful thing we have called logs, as admins we record logs, as you can see through my screenshots

dont play innocent, if you can admit that you were just massing for the sake of massing LIKE YOU WERE

I might be inclined enough as to reduce your ban, but seeing as you just outright and blatantly ignore the fact that you did not care, couple that with the DISRESPECT in your reports and all that fun wonderful things 

as of this moment I will NOT be reducing this ban, the amount of PREVIOUS bans you have show me that you are just a disrespectful player in general, I will be tagging @Violator here so that he can review this case but as of now your appeal in my eyes has been 



Reason: Multiple previous bans, complete disregard of the rules though having many bans the player should have known them quite well by now, lying in appeal saying that it was not his fault when screenshots show a complete different story, Blatant racial slurs and disrespect of ALL other players in game, as stated before this player has been banned many times before meaning he should know all the rules of said server.



Secondary notes: feel free to comment and try to dig your way out, I have my evidence presented and I stand by my ban, I have also tagged the server manager (@Violator) so that he can also review this ban and chose if he stands by me or reduces your ban time. 

If he stands by my ban please feel free to try and ban appeal again in about six months.



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