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New for a Reason..

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Hey everyone, Pretty new to this community, Looks pretty snazy if I must say. 


I used to play the zombie escape server on CS:GO months ago. So I decided to join again to pass the time after a long time to figure out as I'm downloading the mods to the server Im about to join, my ass got banned for not god damn reason at all. I don't talk to anyone nor do I know anyone. I just play the game and listen to music. Nice to see GFL has some Ban Happy admins that just like randomly ban players out of the blue (However I think it was because I joined the last slot and one the admins just decided to ban me instead of kick me so one of "His" friends can join in at the last slot.


I already Tried to appeal this ban a couple weeks ago and to still found I'm still banned for no reason pisses me off. Please, I would like to get back on to the server. 

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