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  • A Poor Man's Attempt For VIP


           Hey, remember me? Didn't think so. Anyway, me and @Burriss75 are trying to get free VIP for finding exploits in the map. So fair @Burriss75 has found a way to spec burn players in the new map. I'm just his lackey testing shit for him. This isn't necessarily a bug, but it's related. So basically all we want, is to be "hired" as exploit inspectors for free VIP. This probably won't work as said by my associate. Thank you for reading, I hope you consider this offer, good day. 😄:neckbeard: 


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    Just now, x_CeeJay_x said:

    Map: MC Fish and Ships

    Server: TTT Minecraft 24/7

    Let me know if you need me to copy and paste this post into a different tread


    Tell the server manager (@MilkMan) and they may give you some points, or some shit like that. We don't tend to give VIP for finding bugs - finding solutions to big, "game breaking" bugs may warrant it though.

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