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  • a possible user confusion issue


    please rename this in the redbox


    I hovered over and read what the url on the report bug thing said or chances are I did, my feels when I saw report bug and thought but I don't wanna be redirected to reporting an issue I want to report this issue, then I noticed something which made me click it well, that is the chance,

    so tbh this is kinda a issue of a possibly not friendly user interface which can lead to confusion, also as I suggested people do not know what RTF is and would never even click the toggle switch for it so rename it, or if we wanna be some educational website and be all radical and force education down peoples throats in a very stupid form, we can keep the "show rich text format" either way as darkling showed he had no clue what that ment so rename it or start being a radical teaching tool aka GFL website.


    long story short this issue is of an unfriendly user interface and kinda carries over from @Darkling issue.


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