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  • Browser shows wrong ping -surf


    Hi, I play on surftimer beginner but on the server browser it shows 250 ping but in game I have 30. I also checked with my friend and he sees 250 ping on browser. It's american server but showing differently?


    Surf Timer Beginner server




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    @pUMP This is normal and isn't really a 'bug'. The server is running on GFL's Anycast network that was built two - three months ago.


    The Master Server uses the A2S_INFO packet to measure a client's ping. The ping is measured by timing the A2S_INFO packet (from sending to receiving). The A2S_INFO packet is cached on all of our PoP servers meaning the ping to the PoP server your route to is used in the server browser instead of the physical server's ping. There is a legitimate benefit to this which results in the A2S_INFO packet sending 3-4x less data than it being non-cached (this allows attacks that target the A2S_INFO packet to do less damage). However, it comes with the 'side-effect' of lower pings for all players in the server browser unless if the client's route is wack and goes to a PoP server not even close to them, etc. I will admit, due to this, our servers do receive more population since people see it as lower ping in the server browser.


    We've reported this to Valve multiple times, but they haven't been helpful in resolving the issue.



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