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  • Hit Registration is broken


    To many times while playing TTT on the MC server I get this situation...


    1) Im a T and I sneak up behind some innos with a shotgun, I shoot one in the back of the head. He dosnt died so i shoot again still not dead?(at this point they have turned and opened fire on me) I shoot a 3rd round hoping this finishing the 1st guy. But it fails and i'm gunned down.

    2) I am a T and pull a knife out to stab a inno, I find one to kill and I click to stab them... Dosnt work. I click again and nothing works.. and they gun me down.

    3) Im in a gun fight against another person, We both are shooting at each other behind cover. I rush with a shotgun and get the flank and shoot them point black(the models are blocking movement kind of close) and hit them right in the head no questions, but they take like 11 point of damage and kill me

    4) In the nether my player model clips into the lava and i burn even though i clearly made the full jump over.(this one is very inconsistent)


    Other have the samfrustration as well:

    This is a quote from Burrito:

    "Zero no offense, but I think maybe making the game a little more reliably playable should come sooner than adding new features, no? Cause honestly, I love the server not being too kitted out, but I hate shooting people in the head and getting shot back because it didn't register right."



    The number of ruined runs as a T or clutch moments as inno i have died and lost to this is ridiculous. Every other death seems to have this happen to some extent.

    It makes the game almost unplayable due to the RNG of if the registration will work or not.


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    Hi there! I can look into creating a custom hit registration when I'm back from vacation. For now, you're going to need to hold tight. Thanks!

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