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  • Numerous bugs in user account creation






    Doesnt work, just sits there. Click repeatedly. Nothing. 110% replicatable bug.


    I cannot join GFL as a member. It would force group tags in CSS. I am in SteamBeta group. A Steam platform beta tester.

    From the beginning.


    But, I am on your css server infrequently. Some of your admins know me. got a lot of experience at this web thing. Being an Electronics Engineer, who specialized in I.T..

    Just saying. 


    The server plugins....

    Not good.

    Need rebuilt in Sourcemod.

    Especially NoBlock. thats a cheat in case you didnt know. Making player models not solid.

    No boosting to pro areas on maps. Unless you bind a key.

    Well, why force clients to do that?

    The plugin is built backwards.


    Should be set to be solid, unless !block is used.

    But someone has it set up backwards. So it forces everyone to not get in anyones way. I understand the intention, blocking.

    But, you gotta understand, blocking ppl intentionally should be a server rule violation.

    And in addition, if you are not patient enough to wait for your teammates. Or are tryna kill steal....Then I can see why you want this plugin.

    Otherwise, the way it is. You have limited yourselves to never play anything but dust 2. With no friendly fire ( no skill ). And really have zero strategy going on on these servers. Like a buncha lemmings is how people are playing. rushing to their deaths is the goto strategy on the css server.


    I dont think any of you have ever played competitive css.

    And I will refrain from commenting on how far beneath source GO mod is.


    I do not play on your other games platforms servers. Or I would probably check them out. And bunny hopping was always illegal in 1.0-1.6. especially in scrims / matches.

    So that is another cheat plugin you run.


    But you have banned others who cheat.


    Thats weird, but hypocritical.

    I dont cheat, never have, never will.

    I turn shit into valve from time to time.

    Although I havent in a while.

    Some of these plugins you need to realize. Were made cause people couldnt cut it playing the core game. So they removed certain things via plugins to remove them server wide.


    Things that were not the way the game was intended to be played.



    Now I respect that it is your server, and your community.


    So saying this, I walk away.

    Just felt that someone should speak up.


    Notice there are no scrims or matches anymore?

    no custom map rotation servers

    no ff

    no leagues or competitions


    Because a lot of the skill Less went to GO.  Or got banned for cheating, using [email protected]

    But a lot of people quit. Cause there are no servers running Counter-Strike Source anymore. They are all running mods.


    That said thank you for your time.


    PS not a bad msging system. Can submit demos, and console dump files straight to server admins to get people banned.

    Be careful with it though. Say someone you banned gets upset. Can use this file upload to compromise your webserver.


    See ya around.




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    Hey, so you state "Numerous bugs" in the title but I only can interpret one website bug from this entire post. Please let me know if there is something I missed.


    I have been able to replicate the steam sign-in issue and for the time being I've applied a "band-aid" fix, the button is now replaced with a link that sends you to the sign-in settings page. I'll fix it properly in the near future, but for now at least users will be able to sign in via profile completion. Thanks for the bug report! Edit: I've just removed the profile completion feature entirely until login method issue is fixed, shouldn't take long.


    We have no worries about our webserver being compromised by a file upload alone... this type of attack is very easily avoided, but thanks for the heads up but please do let us know if you have any more specific security concerns.


    As for everything said here that is not website related, I can't help you nor is this the place to write about it. It seems to be related to CS:S so I would recommend DM'ing our CS:S Division Leader @Runda or creating a thread here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/23-counter-strike-source/. I don't play CS:S so perhaps I misunderstood, please let me know if you are talking about something else.

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