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  • users browsing issue


    idk if this is a thing saying guests viewing so and so an anonymous user for some reason showing up but not exactly or just some jack ass with an invalid character that has been triggering me for a decent bit now lmao

    anyways if someone could look into this as the name is not exactly able to be returned or clickable from your browser example being if you remove someones picture from the website entirely which has had to be done for reasons I don't feel like getting into atm either some code needs to be filled with number of guests viewing said topic maybe it's due to having someone blocked or just some really weird dude causing an issue with some broken name that can't be attached to any command aka clicking to view profile and so on.

    here is picture showcasing said issue


    browser and version I am using atm Vivaldi 2.1.1337.51



    Windows 10 home edition

    Version 1803

    OS build 17134.407


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