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    • 09/23/2016


    • [Done] Added a "Top Contributors" widget to the main index.
      [Done] Added a TeamSpeak 3 banner on the home page to easily connect to our TeamSpeak 3 server.
    • [Done] (Old) Adjusted the Staff page.


    Currently In Development

    • Adding a "Top Donors" page listing the Top Donors since June, 2016.
    • Adding a "Donations" page listing all donations from users who have donated since June, 2016.
    • Adding a "Top Donors" widget.
    • Adding a "Recent Donations" widget.


    * This is currently being developed by @Roy.

    * The reason we are listing donations from June or later is because forum accounts wouldn't be correct on the old database from before June. 

    Edited by Roy

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