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  • Fix Top Donors Page

    • Start Date: 11/25/2018
      Completion Date: No value
      Expected Completion Date: 12/10/2018

    I need to fix the Top Donors page which broke after the IPS 4 upgrade:




    I coded this page. However, it appears the IPS 4 developers took a function out that used the GROUP BY clause in the MySQL query which is very necessary for the page at the moment. I spent three - four hours trying to change the query up to do the same thing as before without the GROUP BY clause (e.g. variables and sub-queries). However, the end result was poorly optimized and didn't work as well.


    I need to contact the IPS 4 developers to ask why the function that uses the GROUP BY clause was taken out and if it's possible to add it back in. With that said, I may be able to make back-end changes to the donation system itself along with re-coding the Top Donors page entirely. However, this will take more work.



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