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  • Geo-Location For OVH (CA) IPs

    • Start Date: 04/21/2018
      Completion Date: 06/30/2018
      Expected Completion Date: 06/30/2018

    Recently, we ordered a new machine from OVH located in Montreal, Canada. Our IP block is a /29 and starts at ( At the moment, these IP's geo-locations are set to Montreal, Canada as expected. The Valve Master Server (a popular back-end service used for server browsers) tries picking servers based off of your geo-location. More information on the Valve Master Server can be found here.


    Our issue is Montreal, Canada is far more northern and eastern than Chicago, US. This means we are less likely to receive West Coast and Southern players. Therefore, we would like to contact geo-location companies and get our IPs geo-located to Chicago, US.


    There are many geo-location companies. However, according to this mailing list thread, Valve's Master Server uses IP2Location and MaxMind. I already have experience with MaxMind because I worked with them to get our European IPs geo-located to Frankfurt, Germany. Although, this situation will be different because the IPs I was trying to get geo-located in Frankfurt, Germany were actually physically hosted there whereas now we are trying to get our IP's geo-location changed from the actual physical location to a different location.


    The only reason I think we stand a chance in this change is because one of Garry's Mod popular hosting providers got their OVH IPs geo-located from Montreal, Canada to Chicago, US for MaxMind. In fact, the owner of the mailing list thread above is the same person who created the popular hosting provider in Garry's Mod.


    Overall, this is a large task and I will be also looking for other geo-location companies to send emails out to. There is also a high possibility I will need to claim our IPs through ARIN. This would be a somewhat large task alone and if I remember correctly, may require monthly fees. This will also require creating a ticket through OVH.


    To check an IP's geo-location through MaxMind, you can use this website or the geo-location demo from MaxMind.


    This is a project moved from our old Technical Tasks database to the Projects database. Some sensitive information may have been cut out when moving to the public.

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    I have finally started working on this project. The reason it took this long is due to the geo-location theory I had long ago seeming less likely as of the past year. I still see very popular servers using the OVH's physical location in Canada (Montreal, Canada) as their IP's geo-location. With that said, a majority of the top servers in the United States now are geo-located in Dallas, Texas instead of Chicago, Illinois. Though there are still some servers using the Chicago, Illinois geo-location.


    I also believe Chicago is very saturated with game servers now-a-days. And I don't understand why our NFO servers struggle with population while having a geo-location in Chicago.


    I was doing some testing with the current Garry's Mod CWRP server we have now. This server is hosted on OVH and the geo-location is set to Montreal, Canada. In the server browser, the server comes up with 5/5 star rating (or whatever you'd like to call it). Though, when looking at the server this weekend, I saw players from GFL but not many randoms (we got to 20 - 30 players). I was personally hoping for many newer players instead of the same 20 - 30 players on the server.


    Why this is happening? I'm not sure. I do however strongly believe the geo-location will not help as much as we thought it would a while ago. There may be something else going on here...


    Anyways, I sent an email to MaxMind along with another geo-location change request. Though, I believe they'll need more information from myself to go forward with this request (probably why they didn't complete the last request I put in).





    I have been going back and forth with MaxMind this morning. I'm seeing if we can get the geo-location changed on the IP block without registering an ARIN account. If we have to go with ARIN, we will have to open a ticket with OVH and they will transfer us over the IP block.


    Keep in mind, fees will be likely required. I believe these are the correct fees (we'd be /24 or under).





    So I didn't receive any emails from MaxMind after early this week but I just checked the geo-location of our IP block ( and well, they changed it.




    The first IP is out of our range, I did this to show you it's only our IP block.


    It isn't exactly IN Chicago itself, but it is close enough.







    With that said, it is still updating. From what MaxMind has told me in the past, they do database updates on Tuesdays. The emails were sent out last Wednesday. So who knows, maybe it'll update to Chicago fully next Tuesday.






    Final Update

    After looking at the MaxMind results again, it looks like our IP block was successfully geo-located to Chicago, US.




    It must have taken some time to completely update to Chicago.


    I believe this task is now complete and will be closing it.



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