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    • Start Date: 09/30/2018
      Completion Date: 02/09/2019
      Expected Completion Date: 02/09/2019

    Expose api routes through api.gflclan.com so that we may reduce (and for some servers, completely eliminate) direct database connections.


     - UM API (Complete)

     - Reference UM API Implementation for GMOD (Complete)

     - Reference UM API Implementation for SM (Mostly Complete, @Roy)

     - Per server API tokens with varying levels of access (In-progress)

     - Sourcebans API (In-Progress)

     - Reference sourcebans api implementations (Planned)

     - Member application API (Planned, would allow members to register a forum account and apply for member in-game, probably only supported by GMOD due to the fact that it'll likely require VGUI panels to make it a pleasant experience)

     - Reference member api implementation (Planned)

     - GFL Shop API (Planned)

     - API management panel which. (Planned, division leaders and directors will have access to, will allow division leaders and directors to revoke and generate new server specific api tokens)

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    Added new goal

    Leader: Aurora Members - Roy , Aurora
    Progress - 32%

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    Made changes to the production version of the API.


     - Now logs to syslog instead of to stdout (which is essentially discarded)

     - Database connections now retry up to 3 times on failure, which means that we should be having less overall errors.


    Also pushing back the deadline.

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