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  • Projects Database - Multi-Sort

    • Start Date: 09/01/2018
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      Expected Completion Date: 10/01/2018

    As if right now, all rows in the Projects database are sorted by completion date (ascending). Since the non-completed projects have a completion time of 0, they show up at the top of the list. However, there is no way to perform a multi-sort.


    How I would like it set up is:


    1. Have all completed projects at the bottom and sort them by completion date (descending).
    2. Have all non-completed projects at the top and sort them by start date (descending).


    Here's an example:


    -- Project #5 (start date 9-1-18)
    -- Project #3 (start date 8-25-18)
    -- Project #1 (completion date 9-1-18)
    -- Project #4 (completion date 8-15-18)
    -- Project #2 (completion date 6-25-18)


    This is how I want everything sorted and ordered.


    I spent a couple hours the other day going through the IPS 4 CMS system files (PHP) and I couldn't find any function to allow multi-sort. I tried using the default PHP function:


    array_multisort(array_column($rows->container->_data, "project_cd"), SORT_ASC, array_column($rows->container->_data, "project_sd"), SORT_DESC, $rows);


    However, the container object is protected. This means I can't modify the _data array directly from outside the IPS 4 class. Instead, I'd have to use other functions within the class to do so and unfortunately, IPS 4 didn't include any functions for additional sorting and ordering.


    I will continue to investigate this.



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