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  • CS:GO 5v5 Tournament

    • Start Date: 04/04/2017
      Completion Date: 07/21/2018
      Expected Completion Date: 05/13/2017

    As requested by Snoopy, I plan on hosting a CS:GO 5v5 tournament. I know nothing about CS:GO so I want to work with @HackingPotato and @Deltacommander on this. 


    List of things to do:

    1. Talk with DLs about the tournament.
    2. Plan a date.
    3. Decide whether it will be multi-community or not.
    4. If multi-community, message other communities to see if they want to participate. 
    5. Find commentators (I can livestream).
    6. Find prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
    7. Create bracket on Challonge.
    8. Announce tournament roughly one month in advance.
    9. Message people several times before tournament to ensure that they will show up. 
    10. Host tournament.
    11. Give out prizes to winners.
    12. Make a video of highlights (optional).


    If you would like to assist in making this happen or have any questions, let me or any tagged members know.


    Leader: queue Members - HackingPotato
    Progress - 0%

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    I would love to see this as a multi community event and personally I think this is going to be much better then the Overwatch tournament idea since we've had one recently.

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