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  • Redo BHop

    • Start Date: 10/29/2017
      Completion Date: 12/25/2017
      Expected Completion Date: 12/25/2017

    Redo/wipe CS: GO BHop with new timer and plugins.


    I'm gonna work on this with high priority now. I've decided on using shavit's bhop timer but I'm still waiting for this issue regarding chat tags for the rankings which aren't yet implemented.

    You see the current progress by  connecting to the server using the following command: connect



    • [DONE] Custom mapchooser plugin which displays map tiers (difficulty) set when zoning maps ( wating  for this issue).
    • [DONE] Replay synchronization between servers.
    • [SOMEWHAT DONE] Code an Extension that downloads maps from fastdl onto the server to save A LOT of time. (Can't compile it properly on linux, uploaded them myself (took me 20 hours).
    • [IDEA] Forum integration for bhop stats.
    • [IDEA] Discord integration (CSGO BHop) for bhop stats.


    After the plugins are done I'll have to:

    • [DONE] Zone maps. (Gonna be a lot of maps)

    and most likely even more stuff I can't think of right now.


    For any questions/ideas comment on this project.

    Leader: Pax Progress - 100%

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