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  • Rust Battlefield Server (NA)

    • Start Date: 04/30/2020
      Completion Date: 01/01/1970
      Expected Completion Date: 05/15/2020

    We are in the process of building a Rust Battlefield server. At the moment, this is the list of servers for Rust Battlefield. As you can see, there is one very popular server located in Europe. However, there are no very popular servers located in North America.


    We will be hosting this server off of our OVH machine with the Intel i7-7700K OC'ed @ 4.7 GHz.


    Server Basic Features (Not Complete)

    • 3/4 Day and 1/4 Night cycle (may try a voting plugin instead).
    • Kits with spawn load-outs.
    • Weekly server wipes on Thursdays (may be changed).
    • Located in Montreal, Canada.
    • BetterLoots.
    • x150 gathering rates (may be changed).



    Leader: Roy Members - Skittlez , ACanadianAsian , Bl4nket
    Progress - 0%

    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    The spawn load-outs will need to be custom coded by one of our developers. This will need to integrated with the Kits plugin.


    More information on the request can be found in this Oxide thread.


    I will be making a developer project soon regarding this request.



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      List of all items relevant
    Weapon List with ammo needed
    assault rifle (AK)
    custom SMG
    compound bow
    pump shotgun
    semi-automatic pistol
    M9 Pistol
    semi-automatic rifle
    eoka pistol
    python revolver
    double barrel shotgun
    hunting bow
    waterpipe shotgun
    salvaged sword
    bolt action rifle
    salvaged cleaver
    stone spear
    wooden spear
    Rocket Launcher
    -C4 Timed Explosive
    -Satchel Charge
    -Bean can grenade
    -Rocket Launcher (Rockets)
    -F1 Grenades (VERY low explosive damage, can also be used to kill players)
    Ammos (Diff types and uses)
    Shotgun -Regular, Incendiary (burning people/wooden structures), Slug (long range), Buckshot (short range), Handmade Shell (poor mans shell)
    Pistol -Regular, Incendiary (above), HV (farther distance and more damage)
    5.56 -Regular, Incendiary (read above), HV (^), Explosive (extra damage or destroying structures)
    Arrow -Regular, Bone (Wider arrow, slower travel speed), Fire (^), High Velocity (farther distance, less damage)
    Nails (shoot outta nailgun)
    Rockets -Regular -HV (Long range or destroying lesser structures (less damage) -Incendiary (Burning structures for prolonged time as well as destroying defenses)
    -Muzzle Break (Lowers recoil felt by the operator but can make bullet path more unpredictable)
    -Muzzle Boost (Increases weapon fire rate by channeling gasses back into the weapon cycling it faster, at the cost of bullet velocity and accuracy)
    -Handmade Sight (Decreases zoom by .5x but is usually better than iron sights)
    -Holo Sight (Increases zoom and has great sights)
    -Laser Sight (Creates laser under barrel that when turned on, increases accuracy
    -Silencer (make your gun quieter, increases your accuracy, hides your muzzle flash and removes tracer trails from fired bullets, but also decreases range)
    -4x Scope (4x zoom scope, used for long range combat)
    -Weapon Flashlight (Used during nighttime or dark areas)
    That's all I think, I'll edit if I realized I missed anything
    Edited by NOT-LAW
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    Rough Draft of Kits


    (all kits assuming unlimited ammo)
    Spawning Kit
    1 holo sight
    1 laser sight

    1 Weapon Flashlight (depending on what we do for light cycle)
    Metal Pickaxe
    Metal Hatchet
    20 Apples
    15 Bandages
    10 Medical Syringes
      -Regular pants
      -Metal Facemask
      -Metal Chestplate
      -Roadsign kilt

    Kit Bolty (10 minute cooldown)
    Bolt Action Rifle
    4x scope

    Kit m249 Possibly VIP (30 Minute Cooldown)
    -m249 machine gun

    Kit Airdrop (12 Hour cooldown)
    2 Supply signals (Edited loot)

    Kit Base (60 Minute cooldown)
    10000 Wood
    10000 Stone
    5000 Metal Frags
    2.5k High Quality Metal
    Tool Cupboard
    2 Sheet metal door

    Kit Pistol (25 Minute Cooldown)
    -M9 Pistol OR Semi Auto Pistol
    -One holo sight and/or laser sight

    Kit Meds (5 Minute Cooldown)
    -20 Bandages
    -10 Medical Syringes
    -3 Med Kits

    Kit Food (5 minute cooldown)
    50 Cooked bear meat

    Kit Attachments (15 Minute Cooldown)
    -All attachments (excluding handmade scope)

    Kit Raid (VIP) (5 Hour Cooldown)
    Rocket launcher
    10 Rockets
    5 HV Rockets
    3 Incendiary Rockets
    5 C4
    15 Sachel Charges

    Edited by NOT-LAW
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